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My name is Vindoqi (Kaiwen Liu) and I am a young artist, composer and illustrator. I was born in Anhui Province, China and have shown a strong interest in music and painting since I was a child. After studying industrial design during my undergraduate studies, I came to The University of Edinburgh in 2020 to study illustration. I was awarded a distinction.

I work with a wide range of subjects. I believe that an artist should not put too much emphasis on his or her own style at a young age, but that style can be developed through a lot of practice. And the real mission of the artist could be to explore the truth and the unknown through art. This means that, as an artist, I should dabble in a variety of creative forms and do a wider range of art-making activities. Until eventually the mainline of my long-term exploration becomes clear.

I am fortunate to have found the mainline of visual music; I can learn to draw on visuals as a music creator, and as a visual creator, I can draw on musical works. It was very fascinating, but also very difficult. However, I think it is very much a route worth exploring. I will be presenting updates on my research in future illustrations, artworks, and musical pieces.

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